Who We Are

We see it every time a young person encounters one of our programs, whether at The Center or in the community. A single spark, ignited by a thrilling encounter with a live performance or a gifted artist, can inspire a lifelong passion for the arts and a love of learning.

This season at The Center we offer familiar events and artists as well as new discoveries selected to resonate throughout the curriculum and provide exceptional experiences for all grade levels; we also continue our mission to take artists out into the community through the exciting expansion of the nationally recognized Neighborhood Bridges program, and a ground breaking residency partnership with The Declassified.

Yes, it only takes a single spark, and we continue to provide kindling for the fire with outstanding performances, innovative residency opportunities, extensive study guides, and access to renowned artists and extraordinary teachers.

For more information about our Arts-in-Education programs please call 914-251-6232.
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