Arts in Education 2015/2016 Season

With the new school year fast approaching, have you considered how you will engage your students in lively and fun arts activities?

From the Black Violin’s merger of hip hop and classical music to the Very Hungry Caterpillar and Doktor KaBoom’s exploration of the fundamentals of electrical energy, we have something for everyone!

For more information, please view our 2015/2016 brochure below.

We are looking forward to seeing you at one of our shows!


5 days left until the PARADE!


Five days to go until our next school time peformance, Mutual Strangers: Henry Hudson and the River that Discovered Him by Arm- of-the-Sea Theater Company . We are very excited that for the first time here at The PAC, our 10 am performance will be preceeded by a parade of artwork created by members of the audience in pre-show residencies.
Patrick Wadden, Artistic Director of Arm-of-the-Sea has been in residence in three schools (Greenvllle, Garrison and George M. Davis), leading workshops that provided background information about the Hudson River and it’s community. A terrific enhancement of the 4th grade curriculum, and great addition to our program.
If you have time, come and join the parade on Monday morning!


New Season starts off with a Bang!

Jason and the Argonauts at AIE                                                                          


There’s excitement in the air of the AIE office!                                        Our new season is about to begin on Monday and we are really ecstatic! This season is going to start off with a bang! Imagine action figures, monsters and villains! Jason and the Argonauts is an action filled retelling of the famous Greek myth that we are thrilled to have as a part of our season. We are excited to see the children’s reactions to this unique story telling and can’t wait to see their smiling faces! This year is going to be a great season with wonderful shows, children from all age ranges and new schools. Other shows that we will be having include the ever popular “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”, “Midsummer Night’s Dream”, “Mutual Strangers” and “The Cultural Influence of Latin Jazz”. Our PAWS Program this year gives students a taste of different types of dance, acting and music. There are many different excellent workshops available  and we are pleased to host this wonderful season. Simply said: we are excited!

-Dominique Schwenner administrative intern